8 Pack Mini Bath Bombs – in a carton PRE ORDER


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Colors will be a surprise, choose your scent! This is for 8 mini bombs, 2 colors on it.
These will be made to order within 3 days

Essential Oils are marked as EO
Fragrance oils are 100% plant based and usually USDA organic, based in sunflower oil
ALL Colors are imported from Europe, 80% organic, and SALT based instead of aluminum based

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar (hardener), Buttermilk Powder (bubbles), Essential oils or fragrance oils, colorant, water

These make your skin feels so good.  We do not use salt because they will draw moisture to the BB and ruin its fizzing action.  Plus there wouldn’t be enough in each one for any added benefit.  We do not use any added oils because we want your tub to be a safe place, and we don’t want kiddos with greasy hair <3 Perfect for adults too, I used grapefruit this week!

Foaming bath salts will be back in stock soooooon

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Lavender EO, Pomegranate Pear, Cranberry Vanilla, Grapefruit Blend EO, Butter Toffee Crunch


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