Herbal Bath Soak



I lost my old description, so I need to spend some extra time here!

These now come in 16oz plastic jars (photo coming soon!)

Eczema: Epsom Salts, dead sea salt, Baking Soda, organic nettle leaf powder, organic chickweed, organic plantain powder, organic calendula flwoers, organic lavender buds

Muscle Soak: Epsom Salt, European Spa Salt, dead sea salt, organic calendula flowers, essential oils of rosemary lavender & lemon

Sleepy Time: Epsom Salt, Organic Lavender buds, organic chamomile buds, lavender essential oil

Environmental Detox Soak: Epsom Salt, charcoal black sea salt, organic kelp powder, organic bladderwrack powder, essential oils of lemon & grapefruit


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