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I have used plant therapy essential oils for years – sniffle stopper is one of my allergy favorites 💜 Plant Therapy is tested by Robert Tisserand, GC-MS tested, 100% pure, aromatherapy appropriate. Kid Safe blends are completely safe for use with children 2-10 years old.
Each one is 10ml

These are IN STOCK in Mooresville, NC if you need a quick pick up
Rapid relief $11.95
Organic Germ destroyer $12.95 Kid Safe
Sneezy stop $13.95 Kid Safe
Organic Nighty Night $16.95 Kid Safe
Sniffle Stopper $9.95 Kid Safe
Organic Lavender $9.95 Kid Safe
Organic Peppermint (not for kids under 8) $7.95
Organic Tea Tree $8.95 Kid Safe
Organic Orange Sweet 7.95 Kid Safe
Organic Lemon $9.95 Kid Safe
Organic Rosemary (not for kids under 8) $9.95
Quiet Cough Rollerball $9.95 Kid Safe
Organic Black Spruce $10.95 Kid Safe
Organic Relax Synergy $10.95 Kid Safe
Organic Eucalyptus Globulus (not for kids under 8) $8.95
Love Vanilla Synergy $16.95
Organic Frankincense Serrata $9.95
Organic Basil Linalool $12.95
Organic Energy Synergy $10.95


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Rapid Relief, Germ Destroyer, Sneezy Stop, Nighty Night*, Sniffle Stopper, Lavender*, Peppermint*, Tea Tree*, Sweet Orange*, Lemon*, Rosemary*, Energy*, Basil*, Black Spruce*, Relax*, Quiet Cough Roller, Eucalyptus Globulus*, Love Vanilla, Frankincense Serrata*


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